Aihe / Topic

6. Can biochar be used to reduce the impact of dogs in urban parks?

Kuvaus / Description
Research from our group and others has shown that domestic dogs are a significant source of nitrogen in urban greenspaces. Not only does this input degrade the aesthetics of city parks, it also results in increased fluxes of nitrogenous gases from the impacted soils and may contribute to pollution of ground and surface waters. Biochar has been shown to significantly reduce the leaching of nutrients from soils and could help to mitigate these impacts.As an MSc student you will work in collaboration with the research team to design and implement a study to examine the effectiveness of biochar amendments to soils in urban greenspaces and to determine if they can be used to sequester and treat excess nitrogen deposition by dogs.
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Ei / no
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Ei / no
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Environmental science and ecology
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Urban Ecosystems Research Group/University of Helsinki
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John Allen / Heikki Setälä / Johan Kotze
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