Aihe / Topic

2. Can you establish a biodiverse urban meadow?

Kuvaus / Description
Cities in Europe and Finland have been interested in creating biodiverse urban meadows by reducing management intensity in lawns or by sowing native meadow plants. However, little is known about what has come out of these experiments in practice. As a master’s student, you will aim to understand the plant communities created in meadowing projects in the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen, collecting field data during the summer of 2023. Have they been able to create biodiverse meadow vegetation? How do they compare to other kinds of urban open vegetation in the area?
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Mahdollisuus harjoitteluun / Internship Opportunity
Ei / no
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Ei / no
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Environmental science and ecology
Organisaatio / Organization
Urban Ecosystems Research Group/University of Helsinki
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Johan Kotze
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