Aihe / Topic

4.    The impacts of turning lawns into meadows

Kuvaus / Description
  Unused lawns could be turned into biodiverse meadow-like habitats by changing their management and possibly modifying the topsoil and sowing meadow species. Different methods of this transformation are expected to have varying impacts on the price of the transformation, the development of the plant community, soil properties, greenhouse gas emissions and the aesthetics of the site. An experiment was set up in autumn 2022 in the lawns of Lammi Biological Station. Four different topsoil treatments are tested with or without the sowing of a hemiparasitic plant that should weaken the lawn vegetation. Each of these eight treatment combinations are repeated on eight different blocks. During the summer of 2023 you could study the impacts of the treatments on greenhouse gas emissions and/or soil properties.
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  Ei / no
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  Environmental science and ecology
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  Urban Ecosystems Research Group/University of Helsinki
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  Anna Oldén
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