Aihe / Topic

25. Weather-based consumption and the new ‘aeolian city’

Kuvaus / Description
  The energy crisis showed that households can rethink their energy consumption. The onset of a renewable energy societies makes consumption patterns rely on peak production hours even with stabilizing hydrogen economy. What happens when our consumption in our homes becomes more synchronized with weather? Will cities become more ‘aeolian’, where our consumption follows windy and sunny days? How would this change the relations of our homes and their outside? Within the Decarbon-Home project, a master’s thesis could make a contribution in rethinking the relation of homes – as climate-controlled – and the changing weather patterns..
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  Ei / no
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  Ei / no
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Opiskelualat / Field of Studies
  Urban studies, environmental studies, social sciences, geography
Organisaatio / Organization
  University of Helsinki/DeCarbon-Home project
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  Joni Vainikka
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