Aihe / Topic

12. Reducing school segregation in Vantaa

Kuvaus / Description
Residential segregation is growing in Vantaa. Advantaged and disadvantaged parts of the population are concentrated in different residential areas and this causes challenges to schools. Segregation has an effect on how schools function and, among other things, the learning outcomes they produce.Reducing school segregation is not something that can be done solely in schools. Vantaa is developing new ways to reduce school segregation through the cooperation of different city sectors (education, urban planning, community development).To enrich our work, we are looking for a thesis worker. We have listed some possible themes for the thesis below. If one of the themes matches your research interest, or you have another suggestion, feel free to contact us.The scope of the thesis can include one of the following themes in the context of Vantaa:– Spatial and architectural possibilities for tackling segregation: a new type of school concept in a highly segregated area– Evaluating the outcomes of needs-based funding for schools– Evaluating segregation outcomes of school network plans– Evaluating segregation outcomes of weighted-curriculum education– Analyzing population (or student) flows– Evaluating the service network planning process from a segregation perspective– Economic evaluation of actions preventing segregation– Data management around school segregation
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Kyllä / yes
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Kyllä / yes
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Architecture, land-use planning, built environment, economics, urban geography, sustainability science, social sciences
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City of Vantaa
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Pia Aaltonen
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