Aihe / Topic

Is filtering theory relevant for housing policy in metropolitan Helsinki?

Kuvaus / Description
  Housing filtering theory suggests that contemporary urban housing problems such as lack of affordable housing can best be alleviated by increasing supply at the top end of the housing market. As higher income groups move into new units, their old units will free up for the next income segment, triggering moving chains all the way to the lowest income groups. Using and mapping real estate transaction and income data, this research explores the viability of the housing filtering theory to inform housing policy in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region. The specificities of the research design will be developed with the supervisors.

Research can be conducted in Finnish or English. We expect adequate-level data managing and/or GIS skills.

Toivottu aloitusaika / Preferred time of beginning
Mahdollisuus harjoitteluun / Internship Opportunity
  Kyllä / yes
Mahdollisuus palkkion tai palkan maksuun / Possibiity to pay a fee or salary
  Ei / no
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  Social Sciences, Political Economy, Economics
Organisaatio / Organization
  University of Helsinki
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  Mika Hyötyläinen / Jani Vuolteenaho
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  045-3436858 (Mika) / 0407578168 (Jani)