New USP-students Developing Malmi District with the City of Helsinki Planning Officials

1 Näyttöasetukset 2019

Urban Academy partners on a multidisciplinary study programme, Master´s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning (USP), which is organized by the University of Helsinki and the Aalto University. The Programme´s focus is to teach students to analyze and study urban phenomena and to understand complex urban challenges.

New USP students began their studies in September with an introductory course on Malmi area. At the beginning of the Malmi excursion, the students familiarized themselves with the local planning and with future visions, led by the City of Helsinki planning officials.

From Malmitalo, the students cycled to Malmi airport where Matti Visanti taught them the planning history of the Malmi district. His presentation was based on his own planning experience and on historical maps. Matti Visanti, now retired, has a many year of experience working as an architect and a planning official in the City of Helsinki.

The Malmi area is an interesting study case that has—in the course of its history—turned from a rural area into a diverse urban area. The Malmi excursion was a good example of study partnering between the cities and universities in a genuine urban development target.

Urban Academy wishes all new USP students welcome to participate in the urban studies community. The aim of Urban Academy is to support the interaction between teaching, research and cities, as well as learning together. Among other things, Urban Academy relays yearly thesis subjects related to urban development and research to students at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University.

Text & photo Neetta Eriksson