Reconstruct Haaga (pre 17-th century)

Exercise of Week 38

Several intellectual disciplines position nature against culture creating a strict dichotomy or at least features lying opposite ends of axis. Urban planning has a historical baggage to do the same, although recent theories reach actively beyond this dualism. The aim of exercise it to trace the natural elements from Haaga from the time before urban processes got the dominant role over the ones that preceded them. Thus the ‘trans-‘ catchword for this week is “transparency”.

Earlier this week Eric Sanderson lectured on his research entitled “Mannahatta”. In similar way this Reconstruct Haaga exercise encourages student to think what Haaga was like, before the human-led processes took over , say four centuries ago. Perspective of the work how ever can be chosen freely to reflect students interest and background.

Task: Write a blogpost (500 words or so) reflecting the weekly lectures, GIS exercises or the discussions in studio give your own insight to weekly theme in Haaga surroundings.

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