Get a grasp of (your) Haaga

After the mid-term break the studio work took a direction towards a planning synthesis. First step is to zoom in to the elements of your solution: get concrete, get physical, get into details…

If you are following research track in your work, prepare material that makes obvious to rest of the group what data you are operating with, how you are going to get it and what do you expect to find. If you are doing interviews of survey, have questions prepared and rough idea how the work is done. If you are following design track prepare material that explains from which elements you plan/design is made of and what is your main goal to achieve.

Prepare the material in any way you like: do a blogpost, make a short ppt-presentation, bring pile of sketches …. We will start the day by putting your target area in a map in order to get idea of the overall coverage/boundary of your work and to see potential overlapping themes. (There will be a separate document in student page where you can start adding your site specific information already before Friday)

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  1. Traditional best-practice for scale studies is to compare different places in a same scale. That is very easy with certain web map tools you can find by searching using words “same scale map” for example.

    Take a look at these to start with:
    ..zoom is not locked between windows but when you draw on the left you can see it on the right in same scale.
    ..with locked zoom to study places in same scale.

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