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Exercise of Week 39

This exercise is the continuation of the week 38 task. The ‘trans-‘ catchword for the week is “transition”. The aim of this weeks blogpost is to explore the growth of Haaga settlement during the past century or two. In order to avoid repeating what others have already done, the individual challenge is to find documents from which you can extract information that you consider important for Haaga’s past and present development.

HowTo: Visit archive, read a book, ask your teacher, interview locals, make cross comparisons with documents your peers have found – anything but rely on the first document you find in the internet.

Task: Write your reflection on the weekly lectures, GIS exercises or the discussions in studio, in the form of a blogpost (500 words or so) where you present your own insight to the development of Haaga.

To let others know what you are working on, start your blogpost early by identifying a document you found interesting. Write also few first observations, but finalize the post only after Friday’s discussions.

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