Course assessment

Assessment criteria

The course assessment consists of multiple parts with following shares on overall grading:

  • Excursion assignments (5%)
  • Weekly assignments (30%)
  • Mid-term presentation (10%)
  • Final article output (50%)
  • Post-production for the book (5%)

Learning outcomes of exercises

In assessment of above course items is based on varying skills needed in multidisciplinary academic environment. The focus on evaluation of each item is based on following exercise-specific skills.

Excursion assignments:
To manage the blogging platform and position yourself in a the USP group.
Weekly assignments:
To identify aspects of urban change and information needed for complex planning tasks.
Mid-term presentation:
To evaluate and defend the multiple and contradictory aims of planning, and formulate a research/design problem.
Final article output:
To articulate a multidisciplinary academic work and produce a basic, well-argued article from your own discipline.
Post-production for the book:
To improve your technical skills for the joint publication.


For grade 3 a student
– knows the basics of academic way of working (argumentation, referencing)
– is able to understand the role of analyses in future oriented planning realm
– is able to produce final output according to the given assignment instructions

For grade 4 a student
– roots his/her work on critical thinking
– is able to produce analytical study and synthesize results further in a given context
– presents a coherent output combining textual and visual information

For grade 5 a student
– shows significant maturity in understanding the background theories of his/her work
– understands the essence of planning in the nexus of critical, ethical and creative thinking
– presents analytically, technically and/or visually exceptional work in a given timeframe.

The work done for improving group performance may raise grading (0,25-1 depending on quality of work)