USP students explore strollology

We had a very interesting session last Friday (05.10.18) at Studio I!

Students presented some of their strollology exercises from the excursion. Professor Pia Fricker who had given the assignments was present and commented on students’ work. Each and every one of the presentations were inspiring and well thought. We continue with some more presentations on Friday the 12th.


Welcome to Urban Challenge Studio I

The Urban Challenge Studio 1 provides an introduction to challenge-driven and research-based practice in urban planning and design. The course alternates between scales – from macro to micro perspectives as well as in present-day situations complemented with historical and future perspectives.

The studio conducts training in research and planning through project work within the studio theme. Project work is guided through a series of practical tasks, supported by lectures, seminars, reading and writing, workshops and tutorials. Students will be tutored both in inter-disciplinary groups and by tutors specialized in their professional skills.

Learning outcome: establish a broad understanding of the complexities of urban development and acquire practical training in analysing, visualizing and responding to urban development challenges.

This page contain all practicalities of coursework.