Mari Vaattovaara is Professor of Urban Geography at the University of Helsinki and Director of Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies. Her research interests relate to the social and spatial developments in urban areas, segregation, immigration, housing preferences, and housing choice as well as to the housing policy. InRead More →

Anssi Joutsiniemi is Professor of Practice at the Aalto University in a field of Urban Development and Modelling. His research interests are centered on issues of complex system approaches in urban planning and his work include topics of urban modelling, morphological analyses and rule-based planning. His expertise is in GISRead More →

Kimmo Lapintie is Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the Aalto University. His current fields of interest are communicative planning, argumentation, epistemology and knowledge management in planning, and multi-locality in working and living. Together with his post-doctoral researcher Mina di Marino and vmWork-team in the School of Science, heRead More →

Since August 2015, Ramia Mazé has been Professor of New Frontiers in Design at Aalto University to develop a vision of “Designing Our Common Future”. As a researcher, educator and designer, she specializes in participatory and critical practices of design. Previously in Sweden, she worked at Konstfack College of ArtsRead More →

Kauko Viitanen is Professor of Real Estate Economics and Valuation and Head of the Department of Built Environment in Aalto University. He has graduated from Helsinki University of Technology Department of Surveying/Institute of Real Estate Studies (current Aalto University) as Master of Science in Technology (1978) and Licentiate of ScienceRead More →

Pia Fricker is Professor of Practice in Landscape Architecture at Aalto University where she founded and directs the Digital Landscape Architecture Laboratory. Previously, she was Director of Graduate Studies in Landscape Architecture at the ETH Zürich. She studied architecture with a focus on its intertwining with landscape and urban designRead More →

Heidi Falkenbach is Assistant Professor of Real Estate Economics at Aalto University. Her research interest relate to dynamics of  real estate markets, land policy and real estate finance. Her research has been published in journals related to land policy and planning (e.g. European Planning Studies, Land Use Policy) as wellRead More →

Matti Kortteinen is Professor of Urban Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki. Kortteinen’s first book was ”A High-Rise Suburb – In-Depth Study of Ways of Life in Social Change” (1982). In his later work Kortteinen has studied the national culture of work (“Fields of Honour”, 1992)Read More →

Laura Kolbe is Professor of European History at the University of Helsinki. She is also a productive non-fiction author and a member of the Helsinki City Council. Kolbe sees the University not just as a crucible of research activity, but as a place where teachers and students interact for everyone’sRead More →

Johan Kotze is a University Lecturer and Docent in urban ecology and ecosystem ecology at the University of Helsinki. His research interests include the responses of invertebrates and vegetation to urbanization. Additionally, he studies the potential of urban greenspace (such as remnant forests, parks, green infrastructure – green roofs) inRead More →

Hossam Hewidy teaches and studies Regional and Urban Planning at Aalto University. He has been nominated as a lecturer at the department of architecture in June 2015. Hewidy’s interests include Planning Policy and multiculturalism, Public Participation, Town Planning for Sustainable Tourism as well as Sustainability in Urban Planning. Hewidy believes in theRead More →

Terhi Ainiala is a Finnish-language University lecturer at the University of Helsinki and researcher in onomastics, the study of names. Her main research field is socio-onomastics, which deals with the function of names and variation in naming, along with the connection between a name and society. The range of significationRead More →