Elective fieldcourse USP-300, 5 study credits. Responsible teacher: Anssi Joutsiniemi. In collaboration with Tongji University. Course blog: https://urbanacademy.fi/usp300/ Schedule of the fieldtrip in Luoyi village, Haikou, Hainan Province, China.Read More →

Research methods UH course code: USP-302 AU course code: USP-E0302 Responsible teacher: Matti Kortteinen Course website: https://urbanacademy.fi/usp302/ UH WebOodi: LINK AU WebOodi: LINKRead More →

Urban GIS and Visual Tools UH course code: USP-303 AU course code: USP-E0303 Responsible teacher: Rami Ratvio Course website: https://urbanacademy.fi/usp303/ UH WebOodi: LINK AU WebOodi: LINK UH Moodle: LINK AU MyCourses: LINKRead More →

Urban challenge studio 1 UH course code: USP-304 AU course code: USP-E0304 Responsible teacher: Anssi Joutsiniemi Course website: https://urbanacademy.fi/usp304/ UH Moodle and Aalto MyCourses are not in active use. All course related material is found on the site above. UH WebOodi: LINK AU WebOodi: LINK AU MyCourses: LINKRead More →