Internship & Career

The internship is an optional part of the Master’s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning. Recommended time for completion is during the second year.

The internship gives the student an opportunity to make contacts with potential employers, learn from experts with practical experience and reflect on her/his own performance, learning process and professional role and ethics.

The student can work in the public sector, in the private sector or in an NGOs or other relevant organization in the field of urban planning, urban research or urban development. After the working period the student writes a report using the internship report template where the main tasks are described and the performance, learning process, and professional role and ethics are analyzed and reflected. The report is sent to the student’s PSP teacher (see below).

As there are different career options depending on your target degree, career planning is discussed in Personal Study Plans (PSP). Discuss about the internship with your designated PSP teacher. Responsible PSP teachers also approve the internship afterwards.

Students can receive study credits the following way:

  • 1 month of full-time work: 5 ECTS
  • 2 or more  months of full-time work: 10 ECTS

The internship can also be obtained from part-time work related to the student’s field of study. However, students must note that by completing the internship they lose their opportunity for the university’s internship grant, which can only be obtained once for non-completed internships.

Below you find information about career planning possibilities in the University of Helsinki and Aalto University.

University of Helsinki

Link to USP-440 Practical training (5-10 cr) in Weboodi


Career Services provides career counselling and guidance on traineeships, in addition to which it organises events related to job seeking and career opportunities. Career Services is active on social media. A newsletter is also available for subscription.

Link to UH Work and Career Student Guide

Link to UH Career Services

Link to UH Career Forum group in Facebook


Aalto University

Link to USP-0440 Practical training in Weboodi

Career Services

The mission of Aalto University Career Services is to facilitate our students in finding relevant employment by mediating appropriate vacancies, organizing career and recruitment events, offering internship support in Finland and grants for internships carried out abroad and enhancing our students’ job hunting skills. We serve both students and employers, and also provide Aalto University with information and statistics on the placement of our graduates.

Link to Aalto Career Services

Link to Aalto CareerWeb for students

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