Unfinished weekly tasks

Here is a little continuation on discussion related to unfinished weekly exercises. As Mari mentioned, we have been little worried about unfinished weekly exercises that are piling up and creating extra stress for some of you. Unfortunately her suggestion for major relief has created some extra questions that need clarification.

The main idea behind is this: The aim of the first half of the semester exercises was to invite you all on same discussion and to position yourself within the group and with the multidisciplinary field. This said, it is important that you close up these first tentative work as soon as possible to free time for the final work of each course.

Therefore if you have already passed in weekly exercise items, don’t worry about completing a couple missing ones. The aim of weekly tasks we to make sure that you all keep up with the discussion and learning. We are not superinterested, if ALL of them are done, but instead to have enough input to understand you own interests and perspectives as well as the development of your argumentation. If you however haven’t written anything yet, please make sue that there is at least few items in every course so that the teachers are able to do your course assessment in feasible bases.

To move into next exercises, please write short list of exercises that you haven’t finished and pass it in to Intro course box in University of Helsinki Moodle site by the end of October. Teachers will go though your list and are in contact with you personally, if we need more input from you.

Presentation Excursion Perception Exercises

Let`s talk about your perception exercises!

We will have a common discussion/reflection at your perception exercises I-III on Friday morning,  05.10.2018 after the general wrap-up!

Please print your ME, MYSELF AND I exercise and arrange them in one horizontal line on one wall in the studio space. The material of the 2nd exercise (collage) should as well be physically present, so that we can have a general discussion about your findings! Please bring your soundfile on a memory stick or upload it to your student page.



Haaga shared resources

G’day. I did little preliminary work for you guys…

First of all. There is a new feature of Network shared media. In post/page editing you have some additions in “Add media” button. When adding media you should have a new option of Network shared media which shows you media files from other sites as well. Hopefully this reduces the need for multiple file uploads. Also, I increased the max upload size of media to 4 MB. I hope that is sufficient.

Second. There is a new Menu-item Resources in this shared student page (You need to be logged in). It contains two subsections for you to update as you wish.

  • Repositories contain list of larger data repositories that you find useful. This is an ordinary page, so just push Edit and do your additions.
  • Haaga documents are single items that might come useful. Please spend a little extra time when uploading these posts; you may decrease your peers’ search time. Haaga documents are custom type posts, so to make one select New> Haaga document and fill the details needed and Publish like ordinary blogpost.

Feel free to comment, if there is need for changes or improvements.

Lecture notes 14.09.2018

Thanks for active participation in Friday lecture to start up this blogging. As mentioned you have access to 3 sites:

  • Main USP site (as Subscriber)
  • This joint student site (as Editor)
  • Your own site (as Administrator)

I will keep arranging stuff in this site for a while to get basic functioning correct, but feel free to take over whenever. Your personal sites are totally in your hands, so I assume there is plenty of work there for a while. I’m glad to see that most of you already got started and first changes in layout, images and posts are already there. Remember that this will be your main working area where the other student and teacher’s don’t lay their fingers. Joint course work is only read/duplicated from your original postings.

In joint sites the work is going to be progress for a while, but it should settle in few weeks.

  1. In adjusting you own site remember that basic layout arrangement and functionality of your site comes the Theme setting (Appearance menu in Dashboard). Thus this is your site “general plan”.
  2. Further adjustment can be done from the Customize menu (from the top bar in Front end). This is then the “detail plan” level.
  3. Finally you are ready add elements that are posts, pages, images widgets and so on.

The two first levels of your work are only evaluated by us in Studio I course. The last one are items that are interest of individual course teachers if they will take the initiative and have their course material passed in through this blog.

Keep up the good work.