Me myself & I: personal space – Arttu

In this picture I wanted to be seen as a person sitting in an armchair not unlike one that might be used to watch TV in the privacy of a home. I feel that the armchair is perhaps the most private possible way to sit, which can be nice but also creates a distance between you and others around you.

The armchair only seats one person unlike a couch or a bench that are more open and ”shared”. I wanted to create a sense of disconnectedness from the surroundings, much like what one might achieve by looking at ones smartphone or having headphones on in a public space.

In a way I feel that it is a comment on the need for personal space in the public perhaps epecially charasteristic of the finnish people.

Much like watching TV in an armchair at home, when I am not mentally connected to my surroundings but more with the program I am watching, while going through social media from a smartphone on a busstop I am actually sharing the space with strangers mainly physically and lose most of the mental connection that I otherwise might build with others in the same space. Personal space can be comfortable, like an armchair, but it does little to make you connected to where you are in an urban space.