Unfinished weekly tasks

Here is a little continuation on discussion related to unfinished weekly exercises. As Mari mentioned, we have been little worried about unfinished weekly exercises that are piling up and creating extra stress for some of you. Unfortunately her suggestion for major relief has created some extra questions that need clarification.

The main idea behind is this: The aim of the first half of the semester exercises was to invite you all on same discussion and to position yourself within the group and with the multidisciplinary field. This said, it is important that you close up these first tentative work as soon as possible to free time for the final work of each course.

Therefore if you have already passed in weekly exercise items, don’t worry about completing a couple missing ones. The aim of weekly tasks we to make sure that you all keep up with the discussion and learning. We are not superinterested, if ALL of them are done, but instead to have enough input to understand you own interests and perspectives as well as the development of your argumentation. If you however haven’t written anything yet, please make sue that there is at least few items in every course so that the teachers are able to do your course assessment in feasible bases.

To move into next exercises, please write short list of exercises that you haven’t finished and pass it in to Intro course box in University of Helsinki Moodle site by the end of October. Teachers will go though your list and are in contact with you personally, if we need more input from you.

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  1. Here are collected course tasks of the autumn semester:

    INTRO: Weekly assignment is a reflection of 500 words (learning diary). Students can return their work for mid-term check up by Thu 1.11. The final compulsory return for the portfolio (collection of work) is January 6th. Only 8 diary entries need to be returned for the final portfolio, in addition to the reflective summary about the course (1-2 pages: how has my thinking changed?).

    GIS: Students work in groups and return their reports of the weekly assignments to Moodle AND blog page before the next week’s class. By the end of the course, student designs and executes a GIS-based analysis, which will be handed in as a report, including at least one visualization, to Moodle by 19.12.2018 (individual or pair work).

    METHODS: During the course, students will write 2-3 assignments and a final essay. Students choose the 2-3 assignments depending on their personal preferences. Assignments (weekly+essay) should be handed in as one PDF to Moodle by January 5th.

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