Haaga shared resources

G’day. I did little preliminary work for you guys…

First of all. There is a new feature of Network shared media. In post/page editing you have some additions in “Add media” button. When adding media you should have a new option of Network shared media which shows you media files from other sites as well. Hopefully this reduces the need for multiple file uploads. Also, I increased the max upload size of media to 4 MB. I hope that is sufficient.

Second. There is a new Menu-item Resources in this shared student page (You need to be logged in). It contains two subsections for you to update as you wish.

  • Repositories contain list of larger data repositories that you find useful. This is an ordinary page, so just push Edit and do your additions.
  • Haaga documents are single items that might come useful. Please spend a little extra time when uploading these posts; you may decrease your peers’ search time. Haaga documents are custom type posts, so to make one select New> Haaga document and fill the details needed and Publish like ordinary blogpost.

Feel free to comment, if there is need for changes or improvements.

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