Me, Myself and I – Paula

I arrived at the yard of this little wooden church in Etelä-Haaga and I suddenly felt warm and comfortable. The place brought back a childhood memory of me and my sister feeding birds in somewhere near Käpylä or Kumpula, I can’t remember the exact place (but it wasn’t this particular place). I started wondering all the feelings and emotions that places may or may not evoke in people. It is interesting, how a place can have many different meanings to different people.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Paula! Please, remember that last realization that you made. It sounds completely common place but indeed it is very crucial when it comes to planning or designing for people most of whom are different from us. I refer to a little influential book wrote more than a decade ago by Marc Augé about what he called “non-places”. It has been widely quoted and … although in the book Augé does a good job in critiquing modernity and its places … he also ignores your realization. At least that’s how I understood him. Worth maybe taking a look into that small book.

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