Lecture notes 14.09.2018

Thanks for active participation in Friday lecture to start up this blogging. As mentioned you have access to 3 sites:

  • Main USP site (as Subscriber)
  • This joint student site (as Editor)
  • Your own site (as Administrator)

I will keep arranging stuff in this site for a while to get basic functioning correct, but feel free to take over whenever. Your personal sites are totally in your hands, so I assume there is plenty of work there for a while. I’m glad to see that most of you already got started and first changes in layout, images and posts are already there. Remember that this will be your main working area where the other student and teacher’s don’t lay their fingers. Joint course work is only read/duplicated from your original postings.

In joint sites the work is going to be progress for a while, but it should settle in few weeks.

  1. In adjusting you own site remember that basic layout arrangement and functionality of your site comes the Theme setting (Appearance menu in Dashboard). Thus this is your site “general plan”.
  2. Further adjustment can be done from the Customize menu (from the top bar in Front end). This is then the “detail plan” level.
  3. Finally you are ready add elements that are posts, pages, images widgets and so on.

The two first levels of your work are only evaluated by us in Studio I course. The last one are items that are interest of individual course teachers if they will take the initiative and have their course material passed in through this blog.

Keep up the good work.

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