Beautiful pines and biodiversity

 Along our trip from I was happy to see different kind of vegetation and most of all quite nice variation in ecosystems. Maintaining biodiversity is a difficult question when planning and building something.

In this short story I want to point out that along our way several trees that  were not alive anymore was left there. Some trees fall down, but pines leave standing for very long time. Pines that are dried and standing still can typically be seen in nature reservation areas or in Lappland. And in suburbs we saw them during first hours of the trip. That was something I did not expect. Remindings of Finnish national landscapes, or wild, abandoned areas.

In Viikinkallio there was natural forest and landscape with strong variation in elevation and solid rock. Ground is dry and after very warm summer there was e.g dried birches. Pines were dried up. It takes time to grow, then to dry and still it can stand up very long time, almost as long as it has grown.

I think pine is like a symbol for importance leaving nature areas diverse. Pine doesn’t rotten like e.g spruce or birch. Those trees provide important living environments for animals that live from rotten wood.

There was trees left in some places, also in built area. This example is in Käpylä where people have large gardens around houses. I wonder how these trees could have been left there. No-one is afraid of them falling? Or don’t think they look nice? Is it ok for people living there, or would they like to impress the plot owners to do something? I have met so many “clean” people and that is why I wonder that those are not considered as a trash. Or do Finnish people share a culture that it is respected to see dried pines in landscape? The first picture in this post is a curtain designed by Finnish Vallila company. It is very popular pattern and has got it’s inspiration from traditional landscapes.

I hope dried pines along our way from Myllypuro to Leppävaara can stay there and show us an example of diversity.





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