GIS Practical Five

Introduction People create cities and cities need people to function. People are the life of cities and as stated by Gehl, should be the starting point of any planning concept (Gehl, 2018). Helsinki is a rapidly growing capital with 643,272 inhabitants, to plan a functioning city it is fundamental to understand the characteristics of the people who live there (City of Helsinki, 2018). Socio-economic and socio-demographic factors such as income,

GIS Practical Four:

This is an extract of Practical Four, group work with Mathew Page and Babak Firoozi Fooladi. Please refer to submission in Moodle for assessment purposes.    Introduction One of the greatest pull factors of rural to urban migration is access to the concentration and diversity of employment opportunities available in cities. Indeed, agglomeration can also benefit businesses who gain access to shared infrastructure and knowledge as well as a larger

GIS Practical 3:

This is an extract of Practical Three, group work with Abdulrahman Al-Metwali & Adina Renner. Please refer to submission in Moodle for assessment purposes.   Introduction Helsinki’s population continues to increase, 860,000 people are expected to call the city home by the year 2050 (City of Helsinki, City Plan, 2016). With demand for housing already high within the Helsinki Municipality, there is a drive to densify built areas, and use

GIS Practical Two: Historical Perspective: “Old Buildings, New Functions”

This is an extract of Practical Two, group work with Dan Ronimus, Joonas Salmijärvi, Mathew Page. Please refer to submission in Moodle for assessment purposes.    Introduction- Sornainen Industrial Tour- “Old Buildings, New Functions” Helsinki is a relatively young by European standards, yet it offers a unique and diverse history waiting to be explored. The number of visitors to Helsinki is increasing by 13% year-on- year as the city continues

GIS Practical 1: Population Pressure on Green Spaces in Helsinki

The following is an extract from GIS Practical 1, group work with Tuomas Harju & Dan Ronimus. Please refer to full assignment submitted on Moodle for assessment purposes.  The City of Helsinki is renowned for and prides itself on the availability of natural environments in close proximity to metropolitan areas. The city has recently proposed a new city plan where it is estimated that Helsinki will be home to 860,000

My First Map

I have always been fascinated with maps. As I child I spent hours scanning the Atlas (Google maps did not exist!) and drawing aerial sketches of our family farm. Today I created my first ever digital map. What an empowering feeling to create a visual display portraying data which is simple to read and can reach a wide audience. The GIS course is challenging and a steep learning curve, but

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