Asta Hiippala

Digital Urban exercise: Making Haaga more age-friendly

In this week’s exercise for the Digital Urban course, we were asked to develop an idea of how Haaga or parts of it could be re-planned to attain a goal we have chosen. As Finland’s population is aging, I decided to look at how the built environment can promote successful aging, defined as “the ability to maintain three key behaviors or characteristics: low risk of disease and disease-related disability; high

Mid-term task

First of all, a disclaimer. This is going to be a bit of a ramble, a collection of separate but loosely linked thoughts that are swimming around in my head. I think Babak Firoozi Fooladi has done an excellent job in condensing some of the core themes that are emerging from our blog posts on Haaga and the urban form. In general I’d say that perhaps the most dominant theme

Magical mix/transaction : Diversity in focus

‘Diversity’ is one of these concepts that has dozens of different connotations. As the task for this week is to explore it from the background of our respective disciplines, I chose to look at diversity from the point of view of people and social issues. I’m trying to condense the main points here in a very (even overly) simplified form to not go too much over the set word limit

Beyond Wikipedia

For this exercise, we were instructed to select a historical document and analyze its content for insight into Haaga’s urban past. While there is a wealth of available material in terms of written and visual documents from around the 1870s to the present day, Katie Butcher and I instead decided to interview two people who grew up in Etelä-Haaga in the 1970s. Our subjects are two brothers, Seppo (b.  1956)

Reconstructing Haaga – Place names

What can place names tell us about Haaga’s pre-urban past? [Note that this is one part of a group project on Haaga’s pre-urban past, and should be read as part of that rather than as stand-alone work; see the end of the post for links to the other parts. It should also be noted that the English translations are by us and are not official names]  Glimpse into Haaga’s pre-urban

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